Young Living Thieves

I would say this is the oil that everyone first starts with or first hears about in essential oils. This is the  oil for every mother to use as her secret weapon. I mean lets be honest we hate germs and we freak out a bit when we see someone cough or look like they could be contaminated.  We apply this oil before heading to school or any place kid germs are. We apply and diffuse this through our whole house every winter season more then any other.

This is a blended oil that helps with flu, colds, candida, coughs, strep, sore throats, infections and slivers. Well that covers a good chunk of stuff we don't like.

cinnamon bark
eucalyptus radiata

so it has that warm earthy scent that you smell around Christmas time. I love this oil smell!!

You can diffuse this everyday to help keep your immune system up and to protect you from getting sick, or to help you sickness time be reduced.

I like to apply this oil in a roller bottle that is filled with a carrier oil to the bottom of your feet-especially the big toe and through the pad of your foot, I also apply it to the temples and back of the neck. You can apply it to your chest when your having a bad cough too.

When you feel like your throat is sore I like to apply it down my throat and by my ears and neck.

Also just breathing it in from the bottle will help open up your sinuses and clear out your head when your having a nasty head cold.

Sore Throat Blend
3 drops bergamont
3 drops thieves
2 drops oregano
2 drops lavender
3 drops eucalyptus
top with a carrier oil in a roller bottle

Apply by ears and down the throat area through out the day

*you can also add a drop of oil to water and gargle with it

tea-for a sore throat.... cup of hot water 2 drops of thieves, 1 drop of lemon and a spoon full of honey and sip

Canker Sore in your mouth

apply a drop to your sore 2-3xs a day till it is gone.

Tooth Pain
apply a drop to sore tooth and gums if they are inflamed or hurting

Young Living also has a bunch of other products that has thieves in it. I love the household cleaner... I use a splash in a old windex bottle and fill the rest with water and it makes a great disinfectant to spray around the house when kids are sick or after playdates. You can also use it on your counters and cabinets and in the bathroom to clean down. Many uses and the bottle will last you forever. Oh and also can be used on the floors when you wash them!
There is a toothpaste line that has thieves in it. It's a great way to cleanse your mouth and helps keep your teeth and gums healthy each day.

They also have these but I have not personally used them yet!
Dishwashing powder
dish soap
hand soap
disinfectant spray and gel
cough drops
mouth wash
veggie spray

If your looking to start oils this is a good one to begin with. My kids know where the bottle is that has a carrier oil in it and a roller ball top so they can apply it to there feet or neck when they are starting to act sick. Teach them young and it helps keep them less and help when they are to feeling good.

If you are all interested in buying oils or buying a starter kit here is the Young Living link to start. My enroll and sponsor number is already added just need to fill out your info. 

If you have any questions about oils comment below or share why you acceptance. I am learning more and more as i use these and i enjoy reading on how each oil works and what is in them. The recipes i have shared work for me and my family, they are not intended to cure according to the FDA.


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