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Bathroom Demo Part 2

Okay we are ready to finish up the remaining part of the bathroom, tub arrived on Friday and we asked grandma and grandpa to take the kids for the weekend while we finish the last leg of this remodel.  Our friend helped us pick up the tub in his truck, which was awesome of him!  We need a pick for all the random stuff we haul, someday.  We first had to demo the shower tile area and then rip out the massive heavy cast iron tub.

 When it was time to pull the tub out I was like ummm I am not able to do this. So I called my neighbor friend and asked her to send her husband. He brought over these straps that you wear and helps balance the weight to carry it. Worked awesome and he was sweating carrying this tub out to the garage with scott. I owed him big time!  It was at least 300lbs of cast iron! We wanted a nice deep soaker tub if we couldn't get a bigger bathtub. And let me tell you this is a nice deep soaker tub. We are past the stage of bathing babies so we dont have to worry abou…

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