Easter Fun

The kids slept in on Easter morning which never happens!  They looked for a few eggs that were scattered around the house and had breakfast, then relaxed a little bit before we took off for up north.

wow the personalities are shining through



We spent the day with my siblings at Grandma's house for Easter. It was a fun chill day, which is always nice. Our kids are at a age where they can go play by themselves and I don't have to worry as much about them getting into things or crawling up on stuff they are not suppose to be. I forgot how nice that is! We did a mini egg hunt with two golden eggs with coins in them.

After we got back from Grandma's we ate some dinner and went to the sledding hill to fly some kites they got in there easter baskets. This year all three of them were flying there own kites by themselves. There were some tangle kites, a kite that landed on the skate warming house that had to have it's string ripped off and attached to a stick to fix it, and lots of running and yelling at the kite to make it go up higher. But they did it! It was a great windy day for this activity!

high five we got our kite up by ourselves

yep I'm cool!

rolling down the hill was the best

climbing up to get a better look at the kite on the roof

hey mom I am smiling!

this is how my eyes felt with that intense sunset


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