Photography Daily Challenge

So I told you last week that I challenged myself to a daily goal to take a picture of a technique or a word that I pre selected each day. This has been fun I look forward to seeing what I picked and thinking of ways to do it. The weather has been decent so I have been able to get outside for some of my pictures.  As I am taking the pictures I am trying to remember in my head which way to turn the dial to allow just the right amount of light in or how to adjust it so I am capturing motion.  I am a hands on girl and also a note taker that needs to reference back to my scribbly notes.

Water- I wanted to capture water splashing while doing dishes

Low Angle- bike wheels

Rule of Thirds- Rosie was relaxing her head on the chair while watching the yard

Portrait -Kate was watching tv before school and the morning sun was so pretty on her.

Favorite Spot- I couldn't pick just one but everything I love usually is outside in the sun. This is using my new polarizing lens and it made a cool rainbow effect from the sun.
Landscape- I used my polarizing lens in a creek that ran through the nature center

Long Exposure- I captured the light rail running by in the background

close up- My dogs nose!! She is starting to turn grey.

New Life- There is something amazing about watching our plants pop up each spring to grow to be big beautiful flowers.

This has been fun and I love how each day I am thinking about how I want to capture that topic. I hope you liked the pictures!


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