4 Year old Super Hero Party

Henry has reached the age of celebrating his birthday all week!  We enjoyed a dinner and birthday cake with his best friend Jake on Wednesday night.  Thursday on his real birthday we went out to Pizza Luce for pizza and cupcakes at home. And Saturday all the relatives came over to celebrate with us.  It's been a cake filled day for sure and if i don't eat cake for awhile i will be happy!

Henry is a fun spunky kid that has a great imagination and determination like no other. He observes what others are doing and can immediately pick it up. He is very strong and picks up things that he should not be and also has the ability to climb like a monkey across any surface in this house. He is very sweet and thoughtful and still enjoys snuggles. He has a unique and special relationship with each sister and it's fun to watch them play. Henry is very active and doesn't just sit and chill often, he rather being up and moving. He is a outdoor boy that likes to play in the dirt and jump on the trampoline. He has a heart for Jesus and request to sing Jesus music daily in the car.

We are so proud of him and are blessed to be able to raise up this little boy!

Here are some of the moments i captured through his birthday week. Thank you to all who came out to celebrate this little man and all the birthday wishes. He sure felt the love!

celebration at ECFE class

Decorating his own cupcakes Batman and superman colored sprinkles

Now that's a smile!!!!!

Desert Grandma & Grandpa sent tons of super hero capes and mask

He was in charge of putting together the lego people

Didn't like our voices when singing Happy Birthday!!!!

He got money from Great Grandparents

Ryan Erinn and girls gave him lego construction set

Jenni and Luke had a awesome inflatable sword in a card

and she made him a batman blanket

Tim and Anna set him up with a tool shop that even has a vibrating saw blade!

Grandpa and Grandma got him magic tracks and golf clubs-which he has lost privileges with because he started whacking everything in site! 

He loved all his gifts and so do the girls!!! Isn't that the case!

Ryan was helping him put together the lego set!

I am surprised i was able to post today my computer has been slowly getting worse daily and Friday was the turning point. We are currently looking for a new computer..... Our keyboard totally went out so now i have a separate keyboard attached and multiple other issues popping up and preventing me from trying to type and upload pictures. So frustrating! 


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