Kate's 2nd Grade Field Trip

This is my first field trip with Kate. She was excited that was all she could talk about for the whole week leading up to it. She even packed her lunch the day before which had to be thrown out because it had hot yogurt in it. Oh well!!! We were going to the history museum. First of i was not excited History is not my favorite subject but the things we sign up for our kids. I also get bad anxiety going on trip or outing that i don't know what the plan is and when i am not involved in every detail. I bet that doesn't surprise people at at!!!

There were 4 moms that were chosen to chaperone and we each had 4 kids. I had 3 girls and one boy. One little girl was not to excited to be in my group she wouldn't talk to me, and the little boy was so sweet and smart but was a wandering soul. Kate was my challenge child she ran off and was scared of everything we saw and couldn't stop to read what we were looking at. This place was not what i thought it was going to be it was hands on and fun. They had a section about mn and things that happened here like the tornado in fridley 50 years ago, the 35 w bridge collapse, virginia mining. and more. They had a section called suburbia and how life was back in the 40s and 50s. With a whole house set up.  They had a giant buffalo that the kids could take out its organs and find out what they used them for and how to farm with a ox. It was fun...

I am so glad i was chosen to go on this trip and it reminded me to step out and do something different because you get quality time with your kids and you learn along side of them.

Here are some pictures of the day.

bus seat friend

our view outside the museum


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