A Season Of Change

It's amazing how much better you feel once you spice up your hair!  I have colored my own hair the same color for a long time and i was feeling blah with my hair.  Maybe it's just a girl thing but a change in seasons make you want to change up your hair. It gives you back your pep in your step.

I searched for a new cut and color and brought in a few of the stuff i am was loving to the salon and she agreed with me that i will just color my hair today and see if that changes my opinion on my blah look.  Scott really didn't want me to cut my hair short and i agreed but i do love short hair too!  But i am loving the long hair at the moment still even though 90% of the time i wear it in a bun, pony tail, or a braid.  But on the days i don't want to do it, i can. Short hair doesn't work that way!

This was the cut i was really loving

I was at the salon for 3 hours and i didn't mind that one bit. It was a nice treat to myself getting time to focus on me and have adult conversations with a awesome lady. I have never gone to her before but i am so glad i met her. She also goes to my church, and we were able to talk salon  because once upon a moon i was a stylist.  We both agreed a warm color would be nice and to keep a few of my current color to add some dimension to it. After it processed and she rinsed it she began drying my hair. Then I began to question the color but was not going to say anything. Well she was questioning it to but did say something and asked me my thoughts and we both agreed it was not right. It was flame like bright and she put a toner in to warm it up! I have to say i love it, but i still question if i can pull the look off. It's just so much different then it has been for a long time. Just what i asked for.

I can't believe all the nice comments people gave me at church that night and when i changed my profile pic on Facebook. I just need to stop second glancing myself in the mirror and get used to it.



She also did the nice big barrel curls which i love and i never do.  Maybe i need to start playing around with hair tools again.


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