To the Park we go!

Yesterday i had a few errands to run in the morning, and then we were home bound!  It was Kate's real birthday so we just hung around home and had fun playing with each other... We ended up going to the park after lunch since the sun was trying to peek out.  Well yesterday was i want to be just like mom day, so i'm going to bring a baby and something to carry or push the baby with. It's amazing how when you go anywhere with kids they always have to tot along 6 million things.  So we treked to the park like this!

And a few minutes later our neighbor showed up with her grand girl that's the age between Bella and Kate's, so it worked out perfect for them all to play together.  Henry fell asleep in the baby carrier and i was able to visit with the neighbor while the kids played. Win Win
kate wanted to do monkey bars but was scared, so bella tried to help her

playing with minnie mouse

bella pushing her brave doll

swing'n with minnie

push'n brave

We finished off the day going out for dinner to celebrate Kate's Birthday!  We were in Shoreview doing a errand and so we went to Red Robin. I googled where kids eat free or do something special for birthday kids. And the site said kids eat free Monday and Tuesday. So we sat and was ready to order and asked and she chuckled and said they dont do special things for birthdays or kids dont eat for free ever.... Mmmmm you heard it hear first.... the internet does lie! :)  So booo and i forgot my phone so no pics!
Look at this cute lil 5 year old!

Then we went to Target because that's we people do when they see a Target. And of course we ended our target visit with a icee for the kids!

Shortly after we got home the neighbor shows up in the super long golf cart to give the kids a ride around the neighborhood.  I ended up going along with too! Who doesnt like a golf car ride? 

Oh my iris's bloomed in my garden!


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