Crazy Summer Fun

Yeah this week really has began to act like summer!  So we bolted to the splash deck for a afternoon of fun two days in a row! Yeah we are cr-aaaa-zy like that!  The second day of the splash deck fun we had a play date with a good friend from church and her three kids!
Here are some pictures of the first day!

I didn't get to many with the girls because they were having to much fun in the water!

We ended our day with a bike/ walk to the DQ to enjoy a cool treat!

Today we went down to St.Louis park to visit dad during lunch. I love love that town... it's right next to uptown. So a double plus, cause i love both those places! Scott and I dream of the day we are able to move there, of course when the kids are off to college! We are going to be old city couple :)  I even had a chance to stop in whole foods market. I love that place, it has everything and more!  Next time i go i think we are going to stop there and get lunch, they have a amazing spread of yummy pre made foods. Salads- cold and lettuce, pizza, fruit, steam veggies, soup and large spread of hot meals.  We stocked up on some produce we already ate this week.  How does one go about getting one in our town? Oh and while i was there i found a set of 6 Popsicle molds. There bug themed! Score I was looking for some.
I took fresh strawberries, and frozen banana and placed them in the food processor and pureed it with a little water. I cant wait till they freeze so we can try them out.

picnic with dad by the green way

chillin on whole foods market patio

We also made a fun craft yesterday... A dream catcher out of a paper plate.  Bella says every night before bed she goes to bed that she cant sleep because she gets bad dreams, so i thought what the heck i'll try and see if this fun dream catcher will help her! Time will tell!

Oh do you think Henry is ready for a hair cut already? His Mohawk is very tall now!


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