St. Paul fun

Talk about a rainy start to the day yesterday was!  We spent most of the morning looking out the window wondering when it was going to let up!  Rosie sure does not like rainy, stormy weather.  She is a big time wimp.  She followed me to every room and sat on my feet  shaking the whole time!  So during our craft time we thought we would humor our situation and make some umbrella's out of paper plates!


my craft chic's

Scott had planned to go down to St. Paul for the bike race that takes place there every year. He was sure relieved to have the sun pop out in the late afternoon so we could still go.  The girls raced in the kids bike race last year and had tons of fun, so we thought they would do it again this year.  This time Bella did the one mile race and Kate would do the little kid race again. Scott took Bella to her starting point and I had Kate. They start the little kids off first to give them a head start before the big kids would roll on through.  Well man Kate must of had her energy drink because she took off and left me in the dust.  I couldn't chase after her because I had Henry in the baby carrier. I just hoped that the volunteers would stop her at the finish line!  Then when I got up there, she was waiting for me with her metal on.  A minute later Bella rolled thru with dad and received her metal too!  They had a blast.  The weather couldn't have been more perfect!
The blur is the fast bike racers

at the starting line


And of course we couldn't leave St. Paul with out stopping at Candy Land to get a treat!


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