Paint the driveway kids

I'm beginning to think every morning is going to be starting out cloudy! Well yesterday I was was excited to get out of bed and enjoy this warm weather they were talking about, well when my feet hit the floor and my eyes peeked out the window i was not impressed.  So we hung out inside with the hope that the sun will shine and we could go outside and enjoy the day.  So i did like 3 or 4 loads of laundry and sorted toys and picked up the house and before i knew it was lunch time.  The girls were so restless by this time i made them pick up there rooms and put there laundry away! {yep~ mean mom!}  Henry was one fussy man all day, he wouldn't nap and just wanted to be held.  I think having both girls home through off his schedule plus they were so noisy!

Yeah 2:00 the sun popped out and think we all jumped up and bolted to the yard.  I planned to have the kids paint with liquid sidewalk chalk.  You take one cup of water and one cup of corn starch and mix that together and pour it into a muffin tin and then add couple of drops of food coloring to each circle.  Simple!  So i swept off all the "helicopters" from the driveway and then we began to paint.  I jumped in with them, I love to color too!

The girls were so hyper still so i made them get there big wheels out and ride down to the dead end and try to wear them down, while i followed behind wearing Henry.  Baby carrier + fussy baby + walking= sleeping baby :)

Kate cant resist dandelions! There is no dandelion left behind on our road thanks to Kate!


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