Henry's Baptism

June 23rd 2013 marks the day we baptized Mr. Henry!

We wanted to get one of those cute little suits for him to wear, so we went to our trusty Once Upon a Child store because you always see them there. Well it was a epic fail! So we went to the one in Maple Grove.... Fail.... We were losing hope!  So a little shout out on facebook always gets you answers and low in behold a friend from High School came thru for me. It was stained up but with the advice from Grandma the stain came right out on the first try.

We picked Ryan & Erinn to be the God parents for him.  Lucky little guy!  They even were so kind as to host a little dinner and cake celebration afterwards at there place.  Thanks guys!

Great Grandma Bette and Henry

hipster Hannah

josh anna tim  (no comment)


During the ceremony Henry did awesome... He was looking around at everyone in the congregation, he even enjoyed his head being wet, and i think the best part was the walking around with the pastor!  He likes to pass out smiles to everyone!

Here are some pictures during the baptism
a little splash of water

getting the tour to see the congregation 

afterwards he feel asleep snoring away

God-Mama and Dad

God Parents 

Lighting his candle

After Party Fun! Do you like my Stache?


  1. Awe, what a cute stache! And we are the lucky ones!!



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