3rd Times a Charm

Yep... It's happened again!  But this time my sweet lil girl pulled it out herself! Thanks the Lord..... I was getting shivers just hearing her talk about how it was just hanging from her gums.  I am not one for the whole teeth thing! I she was working on it all afternoon Sunday and Scott tried wiggling it a little bit too. Finally I said go to the mirror and look at your tooth and pull it out. What-a-bing!

One proud Girl.... Then she quickly placed it in the ziplock bag and wrote her Bell's tooth on the bag. She was pondering what the tooth fairy was going to bring this time.

And Kate quickly runs up to me after Bella left the room to tell me she had a "Big Plan"... Oh really
I am going to set a trap to catch the tooth fairy!  "Well is that fair to other kids who worked hard to get there tooth out?" I said.We cant steal the tooth fairy, no one else would be able to get there surprise in the morning either! She agreed finally!

Bella scored $3.00 by morning! ;)  She also gave $1.00 to her sister because she said she had 3.00, and gave one to the neighbor friend. Bella sure is a giver!
Before Hand

After Math

Big Smiles


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