"I'm Bored"

I can hear it now.... "I'm Bored!  Today will be the last day of school for Bella, and that means summer vacation officially begins!  And as a parent "l'm bored will be heard through out the day, if you don't plan activities out through out the week.  So i pulled up my pinterest and found my keep kids busy category to start searching for some ideas that i pinned to keep these kids moving and to have a fun summer.

I think i'm going to get a tote and bunch of the supplies to do some of these activities, so there is no excuse.  And maybe i will let them pick one activity everyday.  Keeping it fresh! :)  We have a trampoline but if summer keeps going the way its going now they will barely be able to use it.

Here is some fun kids activities for summer of 2013

shaving cream on shower caps and who ever gets the most cheese puffs tossed on there cap wins

paint cans to make wind chimes

bouncing bubbles

balloon ping pong

homemade finger paint

yard scavenger hunt

homemade ice cream in a few minutes

Paint that grows

blowing through straws to make fun art

I think we are also going to do a bucket list for stuff we all want to do this summer too! Like last night as we were driving home Bella saw the mini golf course and said she wanted to go there some time. There are so many fun places to do with the family around our house that we just never seem to do. This summer we are going to take time to play more!

Oh here is a flashback of the first and last day of school for the girls

first day of first grade

last day of first grade

first day of preschool

last day of preschool


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