No The Heat Won't Stop Us

We had a great day! My parents stopped over to drop stuff off and we went to do some errands together, dined at eat fresh and sent them home with a van full. More space in our garage and less in there. Just Kidding Kinda. :) Then we loaded the kids up in the bike trailer and biked to the coon rapids dam. Let me tell you between the heat and the wind it was a crazy adventure. The girls stopped to dip there toes in the water, and enjoy a snack under the shade.
Mean while mom and dad stopped to drink a entire bottle of water! We headed away from the park with two screaming children because one wanted the camera and they both wanted the last juice box, oh yeah and Bella wanted another dip in the water. Don't worry we didn't leave the noisy children at the park we strapped them in the trailer while they cried there way down the path for awhile. We made it home from a 13 mile bike ride feeling pooped. And Bella got her second dip in the sprinkler finally, while Kate ran far far away from it.

Who knew the girls were so much into yoga? They are really good at it.

Anyway we are off to church tonite so we can enjoy some ac, and so we can sleep in tomorrow!


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