We loaded the bike on the car to travel to como bike path, but decided it was a busy trail to have bella riding on. So we decided as we drove what town we like and go from there. well we ended up in shoreview to ride there. It was a great walking and bike path thru the woods and around the lake. We let Bella ride her fire bike, mainly to get her to sleep faster! You park next to the creek and hop on the trail from there, which leads you to the next trail, once you cross the railroad tracks and road. That path follow sucker lake around. Its a great trail but its also a one way road at one point. It was busy but they cant travel faster then 10 mph, they are all fishing off the road anyway. It had a great view with tons of ducks and large birds. The view of the lake at 6:30 was beautiful and the weather couldn't be more perfect. There was a man playing a drum down by the lake towards the woods, so we stopped and sat next to the lake to drink some water and enjoy the music. We only had one accident bella was lookin at the lake and road off the path, she almost not tipped over but it was slope going down, got right back on with no tears. She is so tough! The real question is what is the next trail we will ride on?

Who cant resist there shadow? except this angle aint doing me justice!


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