Food & more food....

Well like most Saturday morning i am up way before the rest of the family so i lace up my shoes and head out the door for a great walk with my newly downloaded tunes. Well on the way i pass the farmers market, they were setting up so i got really excited and my pace became a little faster. When i got home the chick a pies were just waking up and they were not a peppy as i was, so it did take a little longer to get out the door. But we got farm fresh eggs and stuff to make corn salsa. Well we still need some stuff from the store, we loaded the kids on the bike and headed up there. It must be the day but i was sure in the mood to do a little cook'n.
I got stuff to make hummus, i need to make my salsa, and then i found a snack that i cant stop snack'n on. Seriously i went to go get Stacy's pita chips and ended up with Angie's kettle corn.
I may have bought it because my name was on the bag but mmmmm good. There maybe a bowl next to the computer as we speak. I had to get tahini for making my hummus i cant believe they charge 7.00 a bottle for this stuff. But i do enjoy my hummus.


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