check that off the list

So i was finally able to get off work early enough and there were no storms to stop me from getting to maple groves farmers market. It fabulous let me tell ya. I'm so glad i only had a twenty in my purse other wise i might be leaving with a arm loud plus the bag i brought. I just wished they had more fresh herbs, the dill was a little sad looking. Which sucked because i had a potatoes salad planned for it. But we got sweet carrots, sugar peas, flax seed cranberry loaf, fresh salad and beautiful boutique. Now i have my veggies for my lunch and tasty bread for the almond butter i made. I have never craved peanut butter to much but this stuff is so good that i keep thinking about it through out the day. And i blame kier for it! Bella and Kate enjoyed a freshly baked pretzel while we watched around and listened to the man singing and playing his guitar. Summer ROCKS!


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