Extreme zoo look'n

So the middle of the week we decided to go to Como zoo since i got done with work early. We went to check out the butterfly exhibit which is really cool walking thru and having them land on you. Then we saw the new polar bear home which was super busy and the bear was scratching himself the whole time we were there. Come on play with the ball and excite the crowd. Just kidding, kinda! I feel bad for the animals some time they look sad especially the monkeys. Well after we saw all the kids favorite animals we were heading to the conservatory so mom can do the usual take pic of the kids with the gorgeous flowers as back drop. I had Bella and Scott was pushing the stroller and walking with Kate. Well Kate wasn't walking with us she some how made her way quickly back thru all the doors and out to the zoo. Well we didn't know where she was, we were looking everywhere very quickly. so i headed over to front desk and gave a description which by the grace of god i was able to remember her clothes in shear panic. They sent out a page on all the staff and she was spotted next to the turtle statue and returned to us asap. With out a tear or panic on her cute face. Fearless Kate! Wow talk about scary, and the decision was made on the spot your getting the monkey backpack harness from now on. And we didn't even make it to take pic by the flowers after all because we need to breath in our car for a minute afterwards.


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