Busy summer weekend

Saturday we went to cannon falls to celebrate Scotts grandma's 80th Birthday. Its great to see the family more then once a year.But it was so hot out, so of course we hit the pool to cool off for awhile. And decided to head home because of the weather was beginning to look nasty. And as soon as we got home Bella made sure to get grandma Sherri on the jump a lean. Oh believe me she was pretty high in the air! Pretty funny. A little while later after they left they called to say what bad weather they were driving thru and watch out it was coming our way. And of course my reply was really its beautiful here and Blaine doesn't get rain. Ha we spent a good 30-40 minutes in my hottest & smallest laundry room ever with the family. Thank the lord my phone has a trial Internet subscription on it, so youtube entertained the very freaked out Bella. And when we were able to come out of the cave we watched the cars try to drive thru the very flooded intersection. I just wish my camera was able to capture that.

Sunday morning my parents came down to attend church with us. After that we went home, we dined on homemade spaghetti and meatball with cheesy bread. Don't worry we worked most of that off with a 13 mile bike around Blaine.I don't believe they had a clue on what they were getting themselves into when they brought there bikes. Oh and of course a couple of rounds of jumping on the trampoline with grandma Shaw. You cant leave the house without jumping according to Bella. Well i ended the day with a great sunburn. Ugh the pain of being super pasty white girl. What a great weekend filled with all of our parents.


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