Drive thru differnce

So today was the first time we did the drive thru difference that ktis 98.5 encourages us to do. We printed off the paper from there website and thought it would be fun to trace our hands of all the family members so they see who sharing god love. And headed off to the local caribou coffee store and luckily a truck followed us in the line for the drive thru. We ordered a vanilla Carmel cooler and pulled up to pay for the drink and told the lady we wanted to pay for ours and the truck behind us and gave her the paper we printed out. She said it wasn't the first one today. Isn't that amazing how many know Christ and want to share the relationship they have with our heavenly father with others,. I found it funny that the man that we bought his coffee ordered the same drink as we did. God has such a funny sense of humor. We joined in today because since we have given god the weight on our shoulders over to him and let him guide our lives we have been blessed with many amazing opportunities and chances that wouldn't have been able to us before. It was a way for us to thank him by sharing his word to others.


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