Date Day

I was so excited to go and have a day with scott and head down to the city and do what ever we wanted. So the plan was to go to the light rail and head into the city from there it was mostly in the air on what to do. Well we lounged around to much in the morning and missed the train and since its in burbs we dont have it come thru out the day so we had to hop in the car and drive ourselves. We were starving when we made it to uptown and both decided no chain restraunt so we found a great place called french meadow bakery and cafe. Yum it was organic and local ingredients. I wish it was closer to my house. Plus it has side walk dining always great on a nice mn day. Then we walked around the neighborhood and decided to head to minihaha falls and rent a bike for two. Well they decided they aren't renting those anymore so we went with the deuce coupe and let me tell you they are heavy and i regret my renting decision within 1 min. Well we did managed to bike around for 45 min., it was mostly scott doing the work. And asked to borrow the cruiser bikes for the rest of the hour. That was fun ride. Well since we hadn't rode a bike for two yet and it was a long time goal of ours we were on a mission to. So we headed to the green way to vist a local bike shop/coffee house/ rental store. This place rocks! They let us borrow a bike for one hour instead of two since i have bike all day i was not interested in going for a two hour ride plus we weren't sure if we could handle the bike. There front door in right on the green way trail so we took off i started in front but scott didn't like the back so we switched and cruised along. I was sold on $3,000 bike, man i have expensive taste. It was so fun ride i ended it was a sun burn. Then we ended the day at a friends house for drinks and serious conversations. lol


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