#1 Aunt

Yep i think its official I'm the number #1 Aunt to the little pup ernie.... We started out a little rocky, well it was mostly him and the biting of my butt. But i think i won him over by makin some tasty dog treats for him while we were puppy sitting. Can you believe they trusted Scott and I to dog sit. We don't have a great track record with dogs. They both called us thru out the few hours we watched him, what parents they are! Well it time to go give him more doggy treats and then send him home to mom and dad. Maybe i should get him a noisy toy to bug the parents, that is what all Aunts and Uncles do.


  1. Whose dog is that? Such a cute puppy!

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  3. its my sister in laws dog. he is a 11 week old corgi.


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