What's Ya Reading?

We are at the point in our winter season when the weather is fluctuating back and forth between cold and warm and that is when the fever sets in. Lets be honest this is the month when vacations start happening and dreams start forming. Since we are having to postpone our vacation plans till June i am now in the dreaming stage for my yard, gardens, and such.  We were going to take a vacation in march but Scott's work said they are going to be doing over time that month and no time off is happening. Yay and Nay.... Such as life!

We have been having our faces stuck in books the past month learning new stuff that has peeked our interest, and reading about stuff we would like to add to our yard.  I always love to know what others are reading because you just never know if you might be interested in that too.

It's no surprise but i have read multiple books on gardening - veggies and flowers.  I also have been super interested in worm farming!  I bet you just made a face! Yes worm farming... We compost already but it takes a long time for it to turn over to be able to put it back in the garden. Worm farming is a faster approach and simple. I'm 98% i am going to start a worm farm at our house by this spring. Stay tune to find out if i do and how i do it!

I also have just started this Seamless Study by Angie Smith with my bible study girls

And i am reading this  book which is a great way to understand how the brain works in kids and apply it.

Scott has been researching hydroponics and he is getting ready to build his own system. 
And of course a book on turning alcohol into fuel. Something that has interested him for a long time.

Kate has been obsessed with the falling up poem book. We read 4 each before bed. I bought this book when they were babies to read to them. It really struck a cord with Kate.

Bella has been loving the book Series of Unfortunate Events. I would show you a pic. but she brings to school each day to read.

Henry loves to read these books every night and sometimes he lets us read other books but it's rare. He has his bed time routine.

i love book recommendations if you have any!


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