Motorcycle Show

Ahh the annual motorcycle show was here in Minnesota this past weekend. Well here is a funny story... well i guess not so funny but never the least it was humorous. Scott thought the show was last weekend and that was why Kate and I were able to have girls day. But it turned out after Scott, Bella and Henry parked and walked a ridiculous distance to get into the show area it was not that weekend it was the next weekend. Opps!  So now it's the real motorcycle show weekend!
Kate and I didn't want to go but we ended up joining them because his plans with his dad and brother fell through. Good wife points.Right?!?
They handed out these cards after you signed up with a email and such asking about insurance- because it was sponsored by progressive insurance. After you filled out all the info you got the cards and were able to scan them around the show and get chances to win prizes and also a booth to win loot. It was a motorcycle handlebar and you rev up the motor to spin the wheel and use the brake to stop on a certain prize. Prizes were hat, calender, and variety of shirts. The shirts were actually cute! So we all took our turn rev-ing and stopping and the girls all won shirts, Henry won a hat- which i claimed as my "mom doesn't want to do her hair day hat" and Scott won a calender. Which he didn't want.

We spent a few hours walking around and then the kids started getting restless and hungry and bored and Henry just wanted to sit on everything. So we left! On the way out we stopped at a health expo that was free for people who had tickets to other events. What the heck lets swing through fast!  It was the typical stuff and then some weird massages, or food places and such. But overal normal heath booths. Our goal was to get to church at 4 so we were successful!

 A stop at Chick- Fil-A They were excited it's been a month since we ate out last.

They had a kids riding track

They all want dirt bikes

Did you have a great weekend?


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