Magic Kingdom Day 5

By this day i had to admit we seen everything and i was reaching my limits with the crowd. Today was if you wanted to go on a ride you liked we would travel all through out the park. Or we will look at the disney app and see which rides have low wait times. I love this app... I do blame it for killing my cell battery everyday. But I'll give you a tip.... Bring your charger with because you will see outlets randomly around the park and you sometimes will be able to pull up a chair and charge your phone for a a few min. I did that quit a few times through the week.

As we entered the kingdom we decided to hop on the little motor car and head down towards the castle. The lady driving the car was so much fun.  She sang zippy de do da, and a few other songs. Lets just say this car is slow and this little kid walked by and stopped and said Hi.... it was so cute!  Oh and the horn sounds like a duck... I might have laughed every time she honked the horn and she honked it every few seconds.

We were finally able to get into to see Tinkerbell today.  She always had a good line. She gave the girls lots of tink advice and was very funny.

The girls wanted to go on the ThunderMountain roller coaster one more time. I think we did this 4 or 5 times.  This time we didn't have good luck it wasn't because of the line that was moving along rather good but we made it up to the top of the hill and the ride got stuck. Eeek thought for sure we were going to be escorted down the stairs but a few min later the ride started back up and we were on our way.

Bella finally convinced 95% of us to go to splash Mountain. I will admit it was me that was boycotting it. I'm not big on getting on wet rides. So while they stood in the long line i decided i would look at the souvenir shops because i haven't really looked at stuff i was interested in, the kids dragged us here and there around the store as they were in grossed in everything they sell. So i was enjoying a quiet shopping moment. Well i had 30 min. before receiving a text that the ride broke down and we are meeting at the ice cream parlor. Yay for ice cream.... We have been wanting to eat her but the line was so long.... It turns out we could use our snack for the day with our meal plan here. The original plan was to each get a different treat and share. Well some how i was the only one who got a different treat and they all got the big sundae. They were so big.  I had some sundae with a peanut drizzle which really meant they put a huge dollop of pb on it and it was so intense i scooped it off.  While we were enjoying ice cream we watched the dance party parade again. That is Bella's favorite she had some crazy dance moves she was doing right along with them. Future Disney Worker...

The Day had finally come where we surprised the girls with a  special mad hatter tea party at the Grand Floridian Hotel.  We told them we had a surprise but not what it was. We dropped them off for one hour and they did crafts, had a tea party, visited with alice and the rabbit, decorated cupcakes and ate them. They said they had a blast. While they were there scott and i lounged in the lobby which was so amazingly beautiful, walked around the different levels, walked around the outside of the building, and stopped at a few of there boutiques inside. This place was so beautiful i don't believe a pic would do it justice. After the girls were done we hopped on the monorail to go explore the bigger hotels. There are three hotels that the monorail travel through so we were curious on what they were like. The first one was the contemporary hotel. Yep it's contemporary alright.
tile wall in the lobby. This was cool

I thought she should be bella's shirt since it was her favorite ride

this was in the back of the hotel by the pool

 Not for us!  Second one was the polonesian hotel, we didn't see much of this one because they are doing a major reno here.

There gift shop was cool it was like your were shopping in Hawaii, and the lobby was very pretty.
Then we ended up at the Grand Floridian again. We had dinner reservations at the Park Fare for dinner. It was a buffet again that had cinderella, prince charming, evil step mother and sisters that came around the tables while you ate. This was my 2nd favorite buffet lots of fun choices and all very yummy.


looking out to the pool that leads to the beach

the walk ways

ahhh i was so missing flowers

the mad hatter splash pad

look at that candelier

Do you like my hat???

time to ourselves

the band played for the people lounging in the lobby. We enjoyed it for a few min. while we waited to go to dinner

Can you tell i love this Hotel?????

After dinner we continue on our adventure with driving around Disney's other hotels. It's nice to see first hand what they look like. When you book you are looking at a picture and click yes to stay there it was nice to see the surrounding and all the details they put into it.  They had a cars theme one with giant cones in the commons area that was cute. We also went to the boardwalk Hotel and a few others.

Then it was time to go back to the Hotel and pack up our belongs and load the car so we can head out the next morning to Daytona Beach....


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