Magic Kingdom Day 4

Start the Disney Parade and sing a song we got up early and made it to the Kingdom before the crowds really started!

We arrived before Minnie Mouse and Goofy were in the first section. How do i know they are going to be there? Well we arrived every morning the previous days to a a long line for those two. So we hopped in line and scored a autograph and pic very very quickly. Goofy was not the girls favorite he poked Kate in the eye and Bella got a ear to the face. Minnie Mouse was a big time favorite for everyone. Well all jumped in for a pic with her.

If you get there early you miss the crowd of people in all your photo's too!

Today we were in Frontier and Liberty.  We made the stop at the Rapuzel tower which is actually the most fanciest bathroom. It has beautiful paintings all over the wall and ceiling just like in the movie, and scott's had fry pans above the sinks.

We decided to head right over to Thunder Mountain because we wanted to be the crowd. Well there was no crowd it was awesome. This is a fun roller coaster and after we did the first ride they let us stay on and do another ride. How awesome is that?

We ran over to the haunted mansion and we didn't have to wait in line. It took us more time just walking in the mansion then anything. Kate wasn't to excited about this ride and bella loved it. We opted to just do it once.  We figured since the line were low we would go do some of our favorite rides over in fantasy land. So we headed over.

The girl were able to meet Tiana right away in the morning. It was a total fluke that we saw her i was walking over the bridge and tucked in this garden i saw her so we rushed over and there was no one in line and we were the last pic before she went in. The girls were so happy.

We stopped at the big top circus tent to meet Goofy, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Minnie they were gypsy's and circus performers. The lines were 5 min. wait so we made it through all of those in no time. The gifts shop on the way out really sucked us in. It smelled so amazing. Free cotton candy, and they were making caramel apples and yummy pop cakes and cookies. It was so addicting.  So we used one of our snacks off our meal plan and enjoyed a sweet sugary treat. Scott and i split a cookie, Kate got a cake pop that was so good! I wanted one after i took a quick bite. Bella picked Cotton Candy. We also left with a lady dog from lady in the tramp baby dog collection. Kate had to have it. I caved. She used all her money plus a few more.

We stopped to enjoy the dance party parade before going in to see Mickey Mouse. This one was super fun because mickey talked. The kids were like he talks? It was awesome

We also were able to watch the parade with all the princess on it. Unfortunately Bella reached her limit and cried through the whole parade while Kate and I enjoyed it.  I think the lack of sleep and the go go go days we had hit her hard.

We took in the Country Bear jamboree show to escape the sun and the kids really thought it was fun and funny. I do like that show. Man these shows have been around a long time and yet we still enjoy them.

After that we went on the steam boat around Tom Sawyers island. I was hoping the kids could drive the boat. I read if you ask they will let you. But apparently you have to ask before the leave dock. Bummer.

We also stopped and watched the president show at the hall of presidents, and visited the christmas store. I wanted to get a ornament to for christmas time.

Tonights dinner we had reservations at Liberty Tree Tavern. It turns out it is served family style with food you would have for thanksgiving. We first received a salad and bread and then Turkey, Steak, mash potato with gravy, mac and cheese, stuffing, and green beans. And then they brought out this giant bowl with a cranberry bread and topped with ice cream and whipping cream on top. The dessert was so yummy, manly because i love cranberries.  It was very yummy. Bella and Kate were able to jump rope with the cast members after dinner out from the restaurant. They loved that!
waiting for the bathroom upstairs in the restaurant

The time had come where they meet Belle from Beauty and the Beast. They were excited. It started off in this room and we had too look in this special mirror like in the movie and then we entered in the room with the talking dresser and the kids got to pick the characters they wanted to be. Bella was Mrs. Pots and Kate was the horse Phillipe.  From there they went to the library where Belle and the kids did a play. It was cute. They left with a  book mark from Belle

We finished off the  night with the fireworks show and light show movie thing on the castle. I have to say we didn't make it through it all. We watched the movie show on the castle and the first 3 min. of the fireworks before we started heading to the front gates. kate was out and we were all so tired. We stopped to watch Tink fly from the castle.

The bus ride home was rough and we were so exhausted.


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