Magic Kingdom Day 3

Today is the day for Tomorrowland! We joked all day yesterday that were going to tomorrow land tomorrow.!!!! Yes were a corn-e family.

We stopped at the cafeteria in the hotel and got a quick breakfast and then we were on our way!
choc muffin breakfast of champions

bagel something i never buy and she loves

blueberry muffin. yum

We Started out at the speedway to use our fast pass which we ended up not needing because there was no line.  I rode with kate and Scott had Bella as the driver. If you ask both Scott and I we both said we got the short end of the stick. Bella would give it gas and let off give it gas and let off. Kate couldn't reach the gas but didn't know how to hold and the steering wheel and drive. it was quick left quick right and repeat for 5 min. They had a blast and i laugh while i got whip lash.

Then we went to Buzz Lighter year ride, which we didn't need a fast pass for either there was no line. I guess getting up early paid off big time! That was a fun ride we sit in the machine and we each have a lazer gun and we are able to turn the thing we are sitting in and shot target and score points. I didn't know it took a picture and when we got off the ride my face was priceless it was the look of a very determine lady. Lets just say we didn't pay for those pictures.

We also went on the people mover a few times and watched Stitches great escape, and Monster Inc. movie. kate was called out in this interactive show it was cute!

My little girl loves the spotlight....  We also enjoyed the carousel of progress. We took in most of the shows during the mid day where the temps got the hottest. The kids enjoyed the carousel of progress and it was just as i remembered.

Kate is really kicking butt she went on space mountain. The roller coaster that is in the dark and she had fun. I think it helped by riding the people mover which takes you around all the rides in tomorrow land and so you can see what everything is. They even gave her a button that saids "I survived Space Mountain"  She wore it proudly.

While waiting for lunch we sat on the fenced in grass section in the middle of the kingdom which if you haven't been there it's fake grass and it smells like cat pee.... I think Disney has loose kitties roaming around!
somebody photo bombed us!

the bridge next to crystal palace restaurant

crazy girl

For Lunch we had reservations at the Crystal Palace buffet. This is a restaurant that has winnie the pooh characters that will come around to the table as your eating. No waiting in line is awesome....
Kate was really into and was on the edge of her seat the whole dinner. I have to say this was my least favorite sit down meal we have had so far. Cant like them all?
tigger shoved his nose in my camera!!!

the lobby of the restaurant

After lunch we booked it to where Brave was so the girls can see her. They were excited to meet her all day.  The line wasn't too bad and after they took a pic and got a autograph they were able to shoot a arrow into the target. Any guesses on who got a bulls eye???  Kate!
The girls were excited to buy a bow and arrow after meeting her i talked them out of it! We have the real ones at home why bring home a plastic one then?

Then it was time to hop on the astro orbiter which Scott and I can proudly say is our least favorite ride besides peter pan flights.  super fast and the kids had us going up and down so many times it was a relief when the ride ended.
the face of a girl who likes to torture her mother

dad is videoing the ride!

Today we rode all the rides in the section multiple times due to early rise.... It was awesome

We decided to head back to the hotel and grab the car and we were going to go to the Downtown Disney District. This is the fancy shopping place and the night club area. As we pulled it up it was really cool there was a giant hot air balloon and the  cirque sol lei building. But lets just say it was so busy and we didn't even make it to the end of the strip before we gave up. Every bend in that place had a new style musician playing for you and a it was really fun to see. Next time well have to devote more time to checking it all out.  We decided to use the Wolf Gang Puck express for a quick serve meal. Lets just say the meal was huge!!!! I ordered bbq chicken pizza and we all could have ate it!  Scott got the pepperoni, bella got the chicken noodle soup, and kate got mac cheese.

tickets to cirque show was about 250 for 4 of us in the nose bleed section

inside wolf gang puck express section the other side is the sit down restaurant and the food looked so amazing

from the parking lot looking at disney downtown

Look they still exist

the giant rolling marble ball .. Fun times


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