Ah life at house has been pretty busy this last few days.  So today I decided was pj day!  Ha ha ha are you jealous?

So my Grandpa Virg ended up having another stroke last week and ended up in the hospital again. But this time he wasn't going to be going home after he got out of the hospital. He was going to be going to Cambridge nursing home to stay. It was the only place available at the time, hopefully mora's nursing home will have a opening soon and then he will be transfer back there. That way my Grandma can drive over to see him, she isn't able to leave town much anymore.
 It so strange to see your grandpa age!  Most of your memories are of them when you are little. And as kids we were always over there visiting them. They were our babysitters when mom and dad were gone.  So on Friday,  I went up north with my aunt and we went to to go see him in the hospital before he was suppose to be transferred the next day. That day he wasn't talking or doing much, and he barely even knew who we were.  And kept falling asleep when we were talking to him.  Then we went home and packed his clothes to send with him.  I was glad i was able to make up there to help grandma that day.  It is  going to take some time to get used to not having him there when you go visit your grandparents. And im not sure about visiting him in the nursing home, those places are not for me!

 Arent they cute?

Then on Saturday after I got done with volunteering at church my car decided it was time for my starter {we believe} to die.  Yeah! I was tired, hungry,and had a headache.  So I called Scott and he came to my rescue.  If it was warmer i would've totally walked home, but it was crazy windy!  Now we are trying to decide if we should fix the money pit impala or just buy a used car.  Hard choices! Sharing a car is hard.


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