Sleep Over Birthday Party

Bella turned 11 and had 6 friends come to spend the night after school on Friday!!! Yes I am one brave mom.  Ha or maybe I'm crazy!!!???

We planned a couple activities to do through out the night and stocked up on party food and called it good. I didn't want to do a activity at a different location this year and this was the compromise. She only request one thing and that was the game pie face. It's a game where you stick your faces in the cut out and you smack this button multiple times and the hand will smack your face with whip cream for the person who is the slowest. It was funny to watch!  I also picked up face masks, nail polish, candy, popcorn, pizza, bean boozled; which is jelly beans and there is two that look the same but one is good and one is nasty and you have to hope you got the good one. They also really enjoyed the trampoline.

There was drama and it was because of a few girls and there phones but otherwise it went well. I was requested to made a ice cream cake for her. Which is always fun and if that is what they want I will surly make it.

I went to bed at 11 something and I woke back up at 3 and 2 of the girls were still up!!!! Crazy kids. Luckily it was not mine.  I think she said she fell asleep around 2. That is no better but the two kids that were up stayed up till 4.

pie face showdown

2 years in a row of the friend pyramid

I am so proud of the lady my Bella has become. She is sweet, kind, caring and loves everyone. She is growing up way to fast for me.


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