Sir Dips A lot.....

Lets be Real..... Who doesn't love dip? Hot or Cold, Savory or Sweet, they are all good... I needed to bring a treat to our bible study Christmas gathering last month and i thought a dip would be perfect. It's a great treat while playing games,chit chatting, drinking yummy whine; i think you get the jiff's.

I decided i want a cream cheese dip so i looked on pinterest and found a couple ideas and decided on this one. It turns out it was gluten free so even better.

You will need

8 oz of softened cream cheese
3 oz of marshmallow fluff (half the container
8 oz of softened cool whip
1 can of cherry pie filling

Mix together the cream cheese and marshmallow fluff till combined, fold in the cool whip and put in your dish you plan to serve it in. Spread the pie filling on top and begin to devour.

You can use anything you want to dip it with. Most recipes suggested nilla wafers, graham crackers so i picked them up. They are not gluten free but since it was for bible study girls it didn't need to be. There are some gf graham cracker options if you look at the store.

Someone else brought brownies and i decided to try dipping it with that and it was delious so we all did it!  If you don't like fruit pie filling you could do chocolate chips on top or cookie crumbles the dip itself is basic and easy to accommodate any persons taste buds. This will be a recipe i keep for parties.

Sorry no pictures i made it in a nice bowl to bring and then i figured it was way more then we girl could all eat so i scooped out a little spoonful for each kid to have as a treat after dinner. They didn't get anything to dip it with since i didn't have any gf options for them. But they didn't care!


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