Mental Health Week

This past week has been a mental health week. I think i just needed to get out of the house and spend some time with friends and maybe a shopping trip. I began going crazy and blurting out hurtful things and that is when i knew it was time for me. I need to take some time and do the stuff i love to fill myself back up. This winter gives me the blues so i have to be very proactive otherwise it will suck me down. I was so glad that my mother in law and sister in law invited me along to Ikea. It was fun to be out looking at stuff and watching them shop... Unfortunately my budget didn't allow me to shop which was probably good. I do still enjoy looking at getting ideas for things i want to do. Shopping is a total fill my bucket activity.

I also started tackling a closet that was driving me crazy. In our home we have a major lack of closets and storage so the one and only closet was starting to bust open. I took it all out and began purging and organizing it and got rid of a few bags of trash from it. That sure makes you feel good and accomplished.

I also had Scott take our laundry room door and switch it around. That may sound weird but the door was on the inside of the room and the new washing machine was bigger then the las machine t so now the door didn't close all the way. I figured if it was on the outside of the frame it would be more functional. It is our storm place since we don't have a basement. The room feels so much bigger just by moving the door swing.

I also planned out a playdate with some of my dear friends and there kids. I didn't have our ecfe class so i figured that would be a great day to do it. They both had to be home or pick up there kids at the same time so we had a good couple of hours to talk and let them play. Play dates are for the parents and that totally fills me back up.

What are you doing for mental health days?

I have some food recipe post coming soon i just need to put my pictures on the computer which some how takes me forever. I have been trying some new paleo meals and i will share what i am doing with that and so on.... I


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