Summer Break Week 9

My kids returned after being away at the grandparents and Henry would not leave my side all day monday.  He was snuggly and giving me kisses left and right.  Just wanted a mama wanted!

Monday the kids had school in the morning and Henry went down for his nap way earlier then normal. He must have needed to catch up on sleep from the weekend. When he naps i get my to do list done and then i have a moment to myself if I'm lucky. Unfortunately today was not that day of having a moment to myself. He napped one hour and i spent that whole time on my phone with various companies.  We are getting our furnace and central air installed hopefully this week. Exciting and yet painful to see the price that comes with that!  We will be so happy to have even heat through our house now, because it was not up to code. And the obvious we will have a cooler house, which means i can use my oven all year round!  Mmmmm not sure if that is a plus or not! I love to bake and eat..... Oh well! you win some you lose some.  After the girls got home from school i shoved there lunch down there belles and drove to the dentist. Bad scheduling error, 30 minutes from the time they get home and to there appointment. Opps.  But we made it and even had time to brush before we left. Yah. And they all got to put there names in the bowl for the no cavity club. We also decorated our bikes for the national night out bike parade that is taking place prior to the party!  The kids went to town on that.
They chose a mustache for the prize

Henry picked two bouncy balls and had a big smile!
it must be a boy thing

that is where everyone parks there tractors

Tuesday after the girls went to school i finished up my cleaning chores and laundry and loaded Henry on the bike and went for a 6.5 mile ride. It was a bit chillier then normal but great riding weather.  We came home and played for a bite and then he went down for his morning nap and i baked up some yummy smore cups for the neighbor night out party.  I have never made them before but they turned out yummy. I decided to go and make them in the mini cupcake pan because everyone loves a bit of everything when your at a potluck so this way you don't over do it on one item. Needless to say i enjoyed them so much i had to ship them out of the house before i ate the left over ones i was not bringing to the party. This girl is still trying to loose the final 10 pounds!  That is why we went to the ymca for a good workout, plus kids fitness class. Got to love the Y...... We finished off the night with a little fun with all the neighbors. This year we didn't have a good turn out but oh well we still had fun. We did a little bike parade lead by the lawn mowers and followed by the  limo golf cart around the block.
my bike

neighbor kid




golf cart rides are a given!

cruising around the block

oh and the tractor rides

parade leader

root beer float time

the fire trucks came to visit

i think all the neighborhood kids got a ride!
I brought the mini smore cups

Wednesday i woke up with a cleaning agenda and when Henry napped i went upstairs and cleaned out my closet. I just went through a few months prior and got rid of a lot my clothes but this time i had to clean up the floor and the shelf. The new pipe works for the furnace/air are going to be going through our closet. After i cleaned up that i cleaned out the pile behind my rocking chair and that spiraled into the area outside my laundry/furnace room, then reorganizing my  laundry room, and by the time i did that i filled the back of my truck with donate stuff and filled the trash can full. But some how the rest of the house was crazy messy. piles and what not.... I don't think i sat all day i was pooped!  The girls went with our friend  so Scott, Henry and I went out.  Scott had a bad day at work so we thought we would just get out for a bit. We went to rogers to go buy new work boots at cabella's and then finished up the night with a stop at nadia's cupcake shop. By the way that place is the best cake place i have EVER ate at!
I found out i have a pillow promblem 

he liked that cabella's had tons of trackers outside to sit on

They also have a giant display of animals and he wouldn't stop saying Ohhh and pointing
playing the shooting game at the archade

Scott picked out a cookie thing

He enjoyed it too

my lemon drop cupcake 

Thursday morning i woke up at 5:30 and couldn't go back to sleep, i didn't sleep much the night before because my throat was bothering  me. So i took a shower and flat ironed my hair, seriously i never get a shower in the morning so that was a treat.  Then i began my day just like i did all day yesterday. The washing machine was running all day, it was diaper laundry and bedding day.  Those two things don't normally end up on the same day but when they did it keeps me busy.  I went through the kids room when they were at school and purged big time. I filled the back of my truck again.  Seriously these kids have so many toys that never even get used. I set a pile of stuff i was not sure what i should do with and let them decide. Kate made me keep everything. I totally thought Bella  would be like that. Bella saves EVERYTHING! When the kids are away the mama helps them declutter  :) I have been having a issue with my tongue the last week it is yellow and when i brush it, it goes away but comes back in a few hours. Plus i have been having a pain in the middle of my stomach so i thought i would go check it out. I ended up  getting thrush from my flonase allergy medicine. yay!!!! And the pain in my stomach she wasn't sure so she had me do a blood test and urine test and the test came back just fine. She is waiting on a liver test. If the pain doesn't go away she want me to come back for ultrasound. If going to the doctor once today wasn't enough we had to go to the other clinic to get our second round of allergy shots. Crazy day that keeps on going!  Scott had a union meeting in the evening,so i put the kids to bed and poured a glass of iced chai latte and hopped gracefully sat in the hammock.  Perfect ending to a crazy long couple of days.
basketball time before fitness class at the gym

Do you spy a henry?

Friday Kate woke up at the crack of dawn. This girl is the hardest to get out of bed for school each morning, but the day she can sleep in she wakes up way way way earlier then she needs too!  Oh well this mama has to roll with what ever comes up.... Bella had another dentist appoint this morning to get her molars sealed, so i called the teenage neighbor to come watch Henry and Kate. It was henry's nap time and i didn't want to mess with that, plus it was going to take 10 minutes to seal her molars.  When i came home a hour later henry was just waking up, ugggh not a long nap!  That evening we had some dear friends over for dinner at our house. We bbqed up some chicken and green beans and hung out for a few hours. We finished off the night with a short family bike ride.

Saturday Scott and I were determined to clean and declutter our garage. We had seen a few mice out there and we were going to fix that problem. I kinda miss the stray cats now in the  neighborhood. We never once saw a mice while they were out there. I'm not sure i like mice or stray cats, and I'm not sure which one i would like better? :)  We spent about 3 hours in the morning cleaning and sorting and filling the truck with donations. We planned for a family movie day with the friends we had over the night before. We were going to see teenage mutant ninja turtles together, it was not something i really wanted to see but everyone else did. So i rolled with it!  Going to the movies is so pricey with the cost of tickets + food. Ouch!!!!! We dropped Henry off with a friend to watch so Scott and I didn't have to chase him around the theatre. Surprisely the movie was not that bad!  Then we picked up Henry and went back to garage cleaning!  If i stopped i feared Scott would never finish it.... I had to keep him on track because he kept getting side tracked with tinkering on projects. In the late afternoon we had a a family gathering/bbq at my cousins house. Lots of my cousins that live out of state were going to be here in MN at the same time.  It's always fun to catch up with them because we don't see each other often. By the time we left we were all pooped from a long crazy day/week.
First time mowing a spot of the yard

Do you like our new electric mower?

Got bikes?

Some of the kids from all of my cousins

Sunday morning we went to church since we didn't go the night before. Wow i forgot how much i am not awake for church in the morning. We have become such night church people!  After all the garage cleaning yesterday i had a good pile of stuff that i was going to list on craigslist to sell so we got all that listed, and then ate lunch. Bella was begging to go to the pool all week so i promised her today was going to be the day.  Scott usually will not get in the water because he hates swimming, but today he did. We put Henry in kids stuff and just spent time with the girls in the pool. They enjoy time away from there  brother once in awhile.  We couldn't stay long because we had to be home to sell two things we listed on craigslist.  Yay!!!! We had a rain storm coming in so Scott and I worked on doing a few things around the yard and digging up the potatoes from the garden. Let me tell you Scott was one happy man when he dug up the potatoes this year. In the past where we had them they only grew like the size of a small golf ball. But this year they are big and were able to fill a huge bowl. He said he is claiming a whole garden box next year so he can grow more. Oh my! We Finished off the night just hanging around home and going to bed early.


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