Road Trip Dreaming

Scott and I are feeling the need to get out of Minnesota and travel around with our kids.  We started naming off a few places that we have not been to and would love to see. We are getting tired of going to the same places every time we decided to leave for a weekend. It's time to spread our wings and see new fun places together. We do have a suburban but i don't want to put the miles on my truck plus the gas alone might kill us! Scott and I have different ideas on how we want to do road tripping. I think renting a rv sounds good we can drive and still be able to change diapers and make a lunch while we are on the go.
 He is thinking a conversion van sounds perfect. I have a feeling he is going to win this battle!

 Our kids are not good when it comes to traveling but I'm not going to let them stop us, i think they will look back and be glad we did this. I did a lot of road trips as a kid and yes they were long and yes we did a lot of complaining but I'm glad my parents did that. I saw a lot of states and a lot of cool places.

Here are some of the places we would like to see by road tripping! And not in this order...

1. New York City
2. South Carolina-myrtle beach, Charleston
3. Washington- downtown Seattle, and the white house
4. Grand Canyon- i've seen it but the rest of them have not.
5. Disney World for the kids
6. Door County
7. Maine- to eat lobster :)
8. Yellow Stone National Park
9. Yosemite National Park
10. Michigan- Mackinaw Island- no vehicles are allowed on this island-:)
11. Montana-Beaverhill State Park to sleep in a huge teepee
12. California-LA
13. Colorado
14. Iowa- because we promised we would come see them and we never have!
15. Chicago-illonois
16. Nevada- because scott wants to show me everywhere he was when he lived out there
17. Louisiana- new orleans
18. Oregon- portland
19. Niagara falls
20.  Arkansas- ozarks

Does anyone else have a running list of places they would like to road trip to?


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