Summer Break Week 10

Monday after the kids went to school i began my week doing the typical list. Vacuum, start the laundry, making the grocery list, and what not. Well i was checking my spice cupboard for a spice i needed for a recipe and it took me 5 min. to sort through all of the bottles for what i was looking for. I gave up pulled everything out and reorganized it. I grabbed the label maker and began labeling and filling my jars with bottles of duplicates. I am beginning to wonder if i will ever be able to open a door or cupboard and not have to stop to reorganize it!  Well after i did the spice cupboard i moved on to the baking cupboard, and washed out the utensil door, and finished up with the tin foil and ziplock door. Haller........ Henry was helping me along the way he would grab some kitchen tool and play around for a bit and then grab the next one and so on and so on.  After the little man went to bed i had to tackle all the tomatoes that were beginning to pile up in the kitchen. I decided i would make a spaghetti sauce.  I just did a dup and toss in recipe of what i had around the kitchen. Garlic, fresh basil, salt and pepper, oregano,  and smidge of sugar. And let it cook for a hour on simmer.  Well have that for dinner in the next day or two! It was not my favorite recipe yet but trial and error is how you learn. After lunch the girls had the neighbor kid over to play for a few hours. For once they all played together nice which never happens. Yay! Something good happened on a Monday.... :)  Scott and I were so tired so we laid low for the night and didn't plan any activities to do.

Tuesday the day we have been waiting for all week.  Well all my life.... Wow that sounds like what i am going to say is something super amazing something once in a life time but sorry to disappoint you but it's still awesome to me!  We are getting a new furnace and central air installed in our house. Do you understand that i have never lived in any house that has had central air?  This is our second house  Scott and I have bought and for some reason we have picked houses that don't have them.  But things are changing.... I think we are reaching a point in our life where we are ready to point money into our house. We really haven't done that with this house. Our first house the only thing we really put money into was adding a new bathroom to our upstairs.  But that project finished about 2 weeks before we sold our house. Never really got to enjoy it fully.  The current house we are in was a flip house and they did all the major work for us.  We have always had a little list of things we need to do but never really made them a priority.  We know we need new windows, they have tap on the cracks.  Yep, it's kinda ghettto like that. And we knew we needed a new furnace sooner or later, garage doors, and then dreaming i always wanted a little patio or deck off the back of the house.  I think slowly but surely we will begin tackling these things.  I guess i'm growing up!!!!! Hehehehe    Henry wanted to play and watch what all the guys were doing so we had to leave the house a few times just to distract him.  Kate was asked by church to come in and do a clip with our two mikes, they are the guys that do tid bits before the service starts. They are so funny!  I think they are writing a song together we will find out when they air it at church! By the time we got home from that the house got even busier.... Another 2 electricians showed up to help him finish, and the 2 furnace guys were trying to wrap up the day. They were not able to get the air hooked up, like they planned on.  They told me they would be back all day friday. By the time the last person left it was 5:30.....
our old furnace
This is what Henry did when he saw the furnace guys show up!

he's ready!!!!

Air Mechanical

Goodbye old furnace

look at the hole!

our super small crawl space attic

they added return vents to hallway

took out the old thermostat and added a return vent to dining room

the new ac unit in the backyard... look at the tubes and pipes that go along with that

in the parking lot waiting to go in to do her thing with the two mikes

silly ladies


snack bar

2 min. before show time!

Wednesday was Scott's 35th Birthday..... He went to work after being up with Henry for a few hours through the night. Henry was a big fussy butt!!!! Scott planned to work a half day then come home to spend the rest of the day with us.  So after dropping the girls off at school i drove to maple grove to do my grocery list and birthday stuff done before Henry had to go down for his nap.  We went to target, trader joes, gas station, and then had to wait at costco till they opened. By that time i was wiped out from dealing with mr. fussy butt... He was giving me so much grief today.... Then i noticed his left ear was swollen and red. So while i was waiting to get into costco i called the dr to schedule that appt, and eye appt for bella who complained about her eye sight earlier that day. Yep deep business calls go on in the parking lot at costco!  Just so ya know!  After i called my hubby all in a tissle about how this day was going i hung up and walked into costco and grabbed the items as quick as possible and got the heck out of there. Drove across the parking lot to the worlds best cake store and got a cupcake for everyone for later, and bolted home.  The mr. left work to come home to help his cranky wife, what a sweet guy!  His big thing he wanted to do on his birthday was to go to the hard rock cafe at the mall of america. So we loaded up the kids and drove down there and parked and walked in and couldn't find the restaurant anywhere. So of course we found a guy mopping the floor and asked him.... He said there......not open yet! What? What? Everything on line looked like they were open and the sign outside said opening in june!  So by this time it was a hour passed lunch,  so we went up to the food court and ate at a & w ... Oh the laughter later on how we spent - no joke 40 bucks on hotdogs lated throughout the afternoon. There kids meals cost more then the adult meals- lack of sleep, over stressed parents didn't see that till after we ordered.... parenting fail!  We stopped at the disney store on the way out of the mall and Scott picked up a plane from the airplane movie that just came out.  We had a doctor appt for the little guy and so there was no playing around there.  It turned out Henry had a outer ear infection.  She said these infections are really painful, which explains why he is so miserable.  Scott and i were dead to the world, we were pooped from everything that has happened that day and the night before, we mental worn down. So what do over tired parents do they grill some pizzas and go for 7 mile bike ride with the neighbor kid who's bike change fell off 5 times along the way.  Scott said for once he experienced a birthday like the one that always happens to me.  Ha aha funny but sad! maybe next year babe!
This is how a one year old things you should ride in the cart

scotts favorite

salted caramel- not my favorite but it's good to try a new cupcake

got there treats in the truck on the way to moa

Thursday was suppose to be a crazy day with things that both Scott and I have committed to do but ended up being a semi quiet day at home. I woke up the last night with a horrible stomach ache and nassau feeling. I think my meds for the thrush are kicking my butt.  They make you feel horrible.  So we just stayed home just in case that feeling came back.  We were suppose to have our friends over for a daily Thursday night dinner but since he is going through chemo i didn't want to risk him getting sick from who knows what i was having.  Bella and I had our allergy shot appointment and i didn't want to cancel that because they are on a tight schedule.  Unfortunately this time Bella had a bigger reaction at the clinic while we were doing our 30 min. wait time after the injection. It was about a quarter size, then by the time she went to bed it grew to a big 3 inch circle around the injection. I don't think she will be able to do a bigger allergy shot amount this coming week. The one that bothers both bella and i are the dust allergy shots, i guess that is the one we are most allergic too!  Later that night Scott got to meet up with a guy to test out a electric bicycle.  He was so excited to finally try one of these bikes, so he drove to st louis park.  I was like why are you trying a 4,000 bike i know i will never sign off on!!!!! But he got out of his system, and was very disappointed with the speed it goes.  Yay know i don't have to convince him  we didn't need that!
ice packs to help with the itchiness after they give the shot
30 after the injection
5 hours after injection.

Friday the furnace guys returned to finished the work.  Yay!  They were only going to be here till about 1 and they hit there goal right on schedule. They were super nice guys and they did fantastic work. It has to be hard having to do there work with a house full of kids and a dog. But they didn't seem to mind.  They showed me how the new wifi thermostat works, how to change my furnace filters, and how to winterize my outside central air box.  After they left it was time to get all my kids in the tub for baths so we can be semi ready when Erinn and her girls came over.  Plus i need to vacuum my floors from all the mess construction brings in. The wedding was going to be at the historic courthouse in stillwater.  We arrived like 30 min. prior to the wedding starting because we didn't know how traffic was going to be, so the girls were running around and playing on the massive rolling green grass before it started.  Well to our luck Bella tripped on her foot looking at the stillwater trolley and hit her head on the stone rock.  She ended up putting her two front teeth through her top lip and chipping the bottom of her teeth.  This happened like 2 min. prior to the wedding starting. She was crying and the videographer was right behind us so scott took Bella to the truck to figure out a plan and then henry was getting wiggly so i just took him to the truck and missed the first half of the ceremony. Well we watched it from the parking lot since it took place outside the front door of the building. Scott ended up taking bella and henry to urgent care and stayed to watch with kate.  Oh man the joys of parenting. There is honestly never a dull moment. I felt so bad for her she was embarrassed and in so much pain.  They ended up coming back the dr said just keep it clean and it will heal fine,and too avoid hard foods for a day or two.  So we finished up the night with treats from the dessert bar and danced a little bit.  We left the party at 10 and headed home with three tired kids and two very tired parents.  Ellie and Brents wedding was beautiful, they had a dance from two ballerina's right after the reception started. Every wedding we go to is so different and unique i enjoy seeing all the creative things people do.
they were getting it all wired up today

testing it

our new duct work going through our closet... our oh so small closet just got smaller

the vent on the outside of the closet

the historic courthouse where they were getting married on the front steps


the kids got fans for the wedding

playing on the super hilly front lawn prior to the ceremony.  bad mistake 

kate being super silly and cute

Ellie & Brent

first dance

kate and ellie

Waiting for the urgent care Doctor

poor little miss 

Saturday Scott's dad was planning on coming down to visit since they were not able to see him on his birthday.  We didn't have any plans that day so we just hung out around home. I figured i would make some cupcakes with the girls, i wanted to cheer up miss bella with her poor lip. I believe Baking makes you feel way better!  After they cooled i frosted them and they decorated them all up. Lets just say there was about 5 lbs of sprinkles applied to these cupcakes. Then Bella and I tackled all those tomatoes that were taking over my counter. I found a recipe after seeing Kier's Facebook post of her roasting tomatoes. Genius!!!!!!  I have to say that was the best spaghetti sauce i have ever made.  (i roasted the garlic and tomatoes with a drizzle of olive oil for about 40 min. at 425, then peeled the skins off and put them in my food processor with onions, fresh basil, oregano, salt and pepper to make it not chunky. Transferred it to a sauce pan and added some tomato paste to thicken it).  Bella actually had sauce on her bow tie pasta's which never happens she is not a sauce girl. But i believe when you have your kids in the kitchen with you they will try the food because they are proud of what they cooked or baked. Grandpa got down her right after lunch, then he sent us out on a test drive with his new kia soul. It was just Scott Bella and I and we some how ended up at a dealership taking a test drive of  a cadiallac cts...... I've always loved these car but was curious of how they drove and what they looked like on the inside.  But my mr. is way to tall for that car.  It's very sporty and not a family car, but it sure does have style. Scott's car is ready to go and we are not sure what we would like to replace it with when we are ready to make that commitment.
the choice of Bella

they love to crack the eggs

so many colors to pick from when it comes to cupcake liners

sprinkle land

got sprinkles?

Sunday morning Henry woke scott and i up at 6 am. so we brought him upstairs to our bed because bella decided to sleep on the couch last night. (i think harry potter scared her a bit and she woke up from a nightmare a few hours after she fell asleep) Then kate wondered up a few min. later and i hopped back and bed and Scott took the kids downstairs. I fell asleep for a few more hours. Seriously that never happens, i must have really needed it!  I have a sweet hubby! He had to go to training at 1 for a lutheran mens retreat he is apart of in september. So it was me and the kids the rest of the night. Kate had a birthday party for a friend, so we dropped her off and went to the Y to gets some days in for my insurance discount. Then went to Panera Bread after for a treat and to spend some quality time with Bella and Henry.  Bella requested we cruise around town before heading home, so we drove around for a bit and then headed home to play with some play dough.  She really need a good quality time alone with me. And i love that!  By that time it was time to pick up Kate and chill at home for the rest of the night.
Panera always have fun sugar kids that the kids pick out

the girls loves basketball

Henry loves Balls...

Does she look pink to you? Yep Bella did her make up...

build the wall and then....

knock it down!

We almost done with summer and that is sad but exciting for the kids to be back in school. We are trying to come up with a plan for a fun family thing to do before they return. We didn't go on any summer trips this year but are hoping to do some traveling soon.  I miss going on family trips and i think they would love those memories when they get older.


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