Norwex Experience

So last night i was invited to come to a norwex party. It's not my first invite to this companies party, but for once i went. I knew how pricey they were so i avoided going before. But i did a little research prior to the party, is my geeky side showing? I wanted to see what people liked and why and what makes these rags so amazing and pricey.  Well i was impressed what i read and heard...The cloths have silver in them which is a natural antibiotic killer, and there micro fiber is finer and more of that then the average cloth. And the best of all you just use water with all there cleaning rags, no products. You are able to use this one rag and clean many different surfaces and it won't transfer around. I don't use many cleaning products in my house, mainly vinegar and water, and my stainless steel cleaner. She said i will be able to eliminate all of them! Any way i can go green i will do it.

I ordered the basic package which includes the enviro cloth which is there cloth that can clean any surface, and the window cloth, plus i ordered a extra enviro cloth just for the bathroom.  I wished i went home with the rags that night but nope i have to wait to try them out in my home another day. But seriously i left with a list of stuff i want for next time. Example- the kithen cloths, the metal straw set, mattress cleaner spray, and the biggest item of all the mop.  I think i might do a party so i can get more stuff! Don't be surprised if you get a invite to come  :)


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