Car Test

Let's just say car shopping with kids is no easy task. No i mean seriously..... The older ones are jumping all over them getting in the way of the salesman trying to explain it to us, and little henry running around like;well a baby. It's crazy and you WILL lose your mind!

We looked online for the cars we thought we would like, then went to the car lots to test them out with the whole family in them. Since I'm a big research girl i made  a pro con list of them vs having our Suburban.  It's hard decision!  I love my Suburban. I am a truck gay, i feel safe in it and know its safe for my kids. But the gas part sucks.... Going from the big ol truck to a small compact is like night and day and a big jump if you ask me. The reason we were considering it was because then we could travel more without the gas prices floating in our heads dwindling our checkbook.  And if we decided to give up my truck this little car's gas prices and sticker price better be awesome-if i'm being honest.

Scott's car is a little pt cruiser its a great work car. The whole family never rides in it because it makes weird noises, and it drives rough and the most important part i don't feel like it's safe for my kids to ride in it. So when we get home we always take the suburban everywhere we go. So we thought we would do a test and see if us having two small cars and going on a weekly grocery trip to costco and trader joes would fit all of us and our groceries. Let's just say the conclusion to our expierment was a flop and we were reassured that we are happy with the what we have. We are going to continue to save for a car to replace scott's car! Then we have two cars that are safe for the whole family and we don't just have to rely on the truck getting this family around. We have always had one big vehicle and one small gas saving vehicle.
That's scott's speaker on the bottom, and he said it a good representation of the battery pack in the car we were looking at. :)

this picture was taken and then 2 seconds later that car seat landed on Kate's head!

Do they look happy?

Oh and if you could only hear the screams and whining before they even got there seat belts on. Sorry neighbors!!!!!


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