DIY Slip Extender

So i bought this cute dress.... Yes ME!  I had a plan..... Well it was for a wedding we are going to next month and when i got home i realized it is a standing dress not a dress i can sit in and still have my dignity!  I should have done the test before i left the store but i had distractions.  So i googled what to do if your dress is to short.  Yes i google weird questions all the time. I think it would be fun to see all the things i google and keep them for a good laugh later in life.  But google came up with a skirt extender. So i found a few sites that sell them, and then i looked on etsy and found tons more. But since i'm a cheap and thrift women i decided i am going to make my own.  I asked my mother in law to see if she had any she wasn't using or the thrift store in her town had any.  Then went to the fabric outlet to find some eyelet material trim because that is the kind of material my dress is and i want it to be the same fabric.  I scored big time and bought 3 different styles and about 11 yards of it. I went overboard but the price was so good i figured it was OK.  By the time i got my trim i didn't want to wait a day for her to bring my a slip so i bought one at kmart.

I started off by putting on my dress and the slip and marking where i wanted the ruffle trim to start and stop.  And i marked it with a pin.

I laid the slip flat on the table and began pinning my trim on the slip. I started with the bottom row and worked my way up. I had 6 yards of the trim style i liked.  After pinning the trim on i did a straight stitch on the top of the trim all the way around.

Then i laid the slip flat on the table again. This time i wanted to add a little ruffle look to the next layer. So i turned the tension up on my sewing machine to a 5 1/2 and i sew on the top section of my trim. So it was a nice ruffle eyelet trim going on. I then began pinning that to my slip till i got all the way around. Then i did a straight stitch on the top of the trim all the way around the slip.

I repeat these two steps till i was out of my 6 yards of trim.

I then trimmed off the extra slip from the bottom row of ruffely trim.

The best part about this is that you can move the slip up and down on your hips so that you can see more or less of your slip extender under your dress.  I plan to make another slip with the slip my MIL brought me and then i have the choice of which style i want to wear with that dress. Girls love choices!


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