week 39

I honestly didn't think I would be typing this blog this week!  But here I am, not the most pleasant person to be around.  But I'm here!

As you can see Henry is the size of a watermelon this week!  The look on my face says how I am feeling exactly....... I have had contractions every 20 minutes all afternoon yesterday! Exhaustion from that and not sleeping is really wearing on me.  He is lying very heavy on pelvic bone and i struggle to walk and pretty much do anything right now.  I believe I am going to call my Dr. today to find out about getting induced, since I failed to ask her about that on Monday.  It's time.......  I find myself just saying "why wont my water just break".  I might have even googled how to make it break!  But decided that wasn't my job! lol

We went walking at the YMCA on Tuesday for about 45 min. and during that time i had some massive contractions.  But all that walking really made my pelvic hurt more that night, so i decided not to do that again on Wednesday.  Plus the looks from all the gym members thought I was nuts for being there. So I just do laps around my house to encourage labor.  I am having bad nausea since last night so maybe that is a sign labor is coming sometime this month.

Well i'm off to grocery shop for the week and maybe my water will break in the produce section.....


  1. YUCK. I hope your water doesn't break in the produce section! :)

    I bet little Henry arrives before the end of the day Friday.


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