The waiting game

Well I had my Dr. Appt yesterday and the doctor checked me for dilatation and group b strep!  I was kinda excited about going in today to find out what progress i'm at, since we are in the final 3 weeks.  I had the hopes of being dilated to a 3 and she said I was 2+ almost 3. Boo.... as Scott said i'm a over achiever and 2+ was good.  She also said i'm 50% effaced  and that she could feel his head already. Yippie!  I dont know if that means it soon, or what. But i'll take it.  I also told her about my the last week and half I have been having some serious pain on my back lower rib. It hurts so bad, and laying down is the only thing that makes it manageable   So she checked it out and said that Henry bruised my ribs!  Joyous!  And of course I asked when will the pain go away, and she looked at me, and said.... When he comes out!  Ahhhh Man!  Or if I can get him to switch sides it would ease up some of the pain.

I am so excited to mean him, and have him join our family!  I feel like I have been pregnant forever and now it's like a waiting game to see when it happens.  And i'm not a patient waiter, if you don't already know that!


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