Babies and Church Traditions

Scott and I come from different church backgrounds growing up.  Which means we have different ways of blessing a child when it's born {sort to speak}. Since Scott was raised Lutheran they chose to have the baby baptized right away, and then they are given a set of God parents to make sure he continues to grow in his faith.  And I was raised that babies are dedicated and they will chose to be baptized when they grow up. So we decided to do was keep both of our traditions! Henry is getting baptized at the same place we did the girls, and that is the church we were married in. Grace Lutheran, in Mora.  And the lucky God parents are my brother Ryan and his wife Erinn.... Yeah!   And then we are going to get him dedicated at Eagle Brook Church.  We never got the girls dedicated because we weren't really attending any church that did that when they were babies. Maybe we will include them when we do Henry's!

Having children make you think about what traditions you want to keep doing, and re think the ones that arent working anymore.  And every year we seem to tweek something we have done for so many years, because our family has changed or it's not as fun as it once was. But that's the best part about being the parent ~ you can do that!


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