not yet

I'm not going to lie..... I really wanted to have Henry this weekend!  First because it's convient, and i like to make things easier on everyone, and second, well i'm exhausted from carrying him!  Every phone call i make i start off saying "no i'm not in labor yet", cause they answer with the hopes of news of labor starting!

And no matter how  many times i used the line from Modern Family, where Gloria is in labor and she shouts "GET OUT", he still didnt obey!  Bummer.... I was a little nervous every place i went to this weekend in fear of my water breaking. I have broke my water with ever pregnancy and i figure it will probably the same with this one.

I was hoping the 10th would be his deliver date then it would line up with the girl's birthday numbers. Since kates is the 11th and bella's is the 12 and scott's is the 13th, i guess my next hope is i have him on the 14th! Scott would like him  to have the 13th!

Oh my sister and her hubby sent Henry a early present!  It's adorable.... Something she saw I pinned on pinterest and shipped it to us.  I cant wait to see him wear it!

 Note this is not Henry modeling this hat!

We also had Scott's two brothers stop over for a visit yesterday, that was fun since we dont see them all that  often.  Shaun and Colie are leaving to go back to work in North Dakota so they are really hoping we have him before they leave next weekend.  


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