You can teach a old dog new tricks

Tonite we headed to the Y to do a family fun nite with Bella. We went to family Zumba class, which is a Latin dance class that you can bring your kids too. Scott and I agreed it will be perfect for Bella because she loves to dance. We only made it about 15 minutes into class and she claimed she was just to tired to dance anymore. I think it was more she didn't like to follow the teachers dance moves she is a unique little girls that does her own thing. So go with plan B! Rock climbing!!!!!! We walk in sign a form and they just handed us a harness, mmm.... my eyebrow raised up and my heart began to beat a little faster. Ok i can do this it cant be that hard, my foot goes thru what loop hole? Looks great they said and told us to get in line. For some reason my heart raced the longer i stood there, maybe its my age catching up with me! Ok Bella first and she did pretty good. She did just want to hold the rope and hope it pulls her up. Next was me, they told me push with my legs and not to just pull myself up. Ok check... Made it to the top and rang the bell. Then i looked down and asked if i should just let go. WOW long way down! It's amazing that its scarier going down then it was climbing it. Trusting someone i didn't know to lower me. Oh the things you think of while she is bringing you down to the ground. They said i was really fast for my first time. Cool! Scott has a big fear of heights, and he totally rocked the wall. He agreed that going down is way scary. We might have to make it thing on Friday's. I feel good doing two things that are out of my comfort zone. Maybe it's your turn to step out of your comfort zone.


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