Bella Talk

So we were leaving the gym and heading home and of course the girls were arguing about something. Bella tells Kate i don't like you talking to me your not my sister anymore. Then all of a sudden the 50 questions start.
Bella- i was in your belly
Mom- yep
Bella- And it hurt so you went to the Dr.
Mom- yeah something like that!
Bella- How did you get to the Dr.?
Mom- Dad drove me
Bella- How did you get your seat belt on?
Mom- well i was able to do it myself
Bella- Did you hear me crying in your belly?
Mom- No but you sure kicked me a lot from inside
Bella- I was crying so loud so you can hear me
Mom- oh
Bella- I was pinching Kate in your belly
Mom- no i don't think you did
Bella- First Kate was born then first i was born
Mom- Mmm i need to work on your first and second order, your very confused

Little girls are so precious! You just never know what is going to come out of there mouths


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