My day started like every other day lately, load the kids in Scott's car and they drive me to work. Bella wanted me to sit in the back with her today on the way to work, Scott stopped by the front door of my work and i get out and as soon as I'm out of the car this durango backed up really fast into our car. I was like seriously, how much can this car take? But then i thought about it if i was in my front seat like normal and just got out i would've been pinned between our car and the truck. Amazing Huh! Well we settled on a caribou coffee as damage, the car isn't worth bringing in and i know how much the other girl makes and cant afford it.

Then i get the phone call my car is done. Let me tell you i couldn't get done with work fastest enough. Its hard writing a check for that amount, but it put me back on the road. Left from there to go to Bella's orientation for Pre K. Man that is a big school and she was so excited to see her class and the rest of her school. They already have to field trips planned for this month. Headed home to make a quick dinner and bolt over to coon rapids to buy my big girl some new clothes for school. I figured all she has is dresses it good a idea to stick to pants. By that time its later then late and bed as soon as we get home. I wonder if today will be a less dramatic? I just wished a fit in a gym visit yesterday but there is always today!


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