New Friends

Last nite we were invited by Scott's bible study to go to a birthday party for a 18 year old girl and her family that they just recently got to go to church. I hope you got all that! Well we walked in and Scott new everyone of the men because he see them every Monday for bible study at panera bread, but i was in shock because they were my grandparents age. But let me tell you these ladies were the sweetest most sincere ladies i have ever meet. They made us feel so welcome and loved. And my little ladies had those ladies doing everything for them. Kate had one feeding her cake, and Kate can eat on her own. They left with two new grandmas. It was nice to talk to the mom of the 18 year old who was in her thirty's explaining why we go to church and seeing how she feels about everything that she experienced since attending church. And as we left the 18 year old offer to baby sit our little girls if we ever needed. pretty awesome!

Now for today i hope to clean the floors so my feet don't stick to them anymore. Hit up the farmers market since the season is almost done and do some hair, and hang with Anna and Tim later today. Early bed and early rise to go cheer on my hubby and cousins in a bike tour. Hope the weather is kind.


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