The view from my bed

 Kinda my worst nightmare....... The Dr.  gave me a list of things, and if i experience any of them come in right away. Well I ended up having one of them, so i went in last night to get checked out.  It turned out i was already dilated to 1 cm at 34.5 weeks. She didn't like that so she gave me that look, and said your not going to like this! Your on 80% bed rest ....... I just gave her a look like WHAT?  Seriously i was like on a mild bed rest while healing from my fall last week, and that almost killed me. But to be in bed all day.... Take me now! She wants me to get to full term as much as possible, so i go in about a week to get rechecked and then they will re evaluate bed rest. And I want him to be a healthy little boy when he arrives to, so i'm listening. The Dr. said stay at home moms are the worse for bed rest because they work from home. They see what they have to do and instead cant do it. But tell a working mom to stay in bed and they love it! It's true!

Thankfully we have a pull out couch bed, so i'm not stuck upstairs in our bedroom.  I'm at the center of what is going on in our house! Which makes it a little easier, being able to see what people are doing... helps!  But i have to say this mattress is so not comfy, and i miss my bed.  Ever since I fell the girls have made there way out in the middle of the night and ended up in my bed or next to me.  I think they miss me!

Being a bed rest this late in my pregnancy is hard, because it's interfering with my nesting!  I haven't finished packing/ or buying everything for my hospital bag or Henry's bag. And i still want to do a major deep clean!

Well today's goal is to go on the library's website and get some books to check out, and browse amazons ebooks for the kindle and search the internet for random things! So if you need me I will be here :)


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