Mommies in Training

Last Tuesday morning I went and bought our stroller and infant carrier! Yeah.... There is something about when you have that sitting in the house it makes it feel even more real.  It should already be feeling real our house has so much baby stuff creeping in plus my ever growing belly, should make it real! But no the stroller/car seat really does!

This is our stroller we picked!

 and here is our infant carrier!

Britax ranked one of the highest for safety.... Plus it had all the features we wanted.  I wanted a 3 wheel stroller, i wanted it to fold really flat-so it fits good in the car, i wanted it to fold easy and not be a bulky stroller, and have a smooth ride.  Seriously Scott and I were at babies r us for hours one Saturday trying all the strollers.  And let me tell you the price of these two items have increased a lot from the last time we bought this stuff {7 years ago}.

I also went to Target that same day to get stuff to add to my hospital bag for postpartum.  I so scored some clearance that day.  I was looking for a second diaper bag because this girl is a bag a holic, and i found this skip hop diaper bag for 50%. The funny thing is it was one of the two i found online that i liked.

Ok... Now for some cuteness

Well as soon as the girls saw the stroller and car seat sitting in the nursery they were all over that!  Bella grabbed stuff from around the room and filled the diaper bag, and found a super dirty doll that she named Henry and placed him in the car seat that was attached to the stroller. And they proceeded to be little mommies in training.

The straw is his bottle, because they couldn't find one!  Now that's some creative thinking!

I'm about ready to hide the stroller because that thing is wheeled around our house all day long. I'm afraid there going to scratch it all up crashing into the walls.


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