Today we went to the childrens museum in st. Paul. We asked Ryan Erinn Hannah and Brooklyn to come with. It was so much fun! We started it off with a great book reading that involved a great story teller that spoke about a little boy cooking with his mom to make a bad day good. Then we hit the face painting table and let me tell you how funny it is to see what these little creative kids will do to there face. Bella colored brooklyn face and vice a versa. Kate was lucky to have dad do a little coloring to hers.
We went to the room to play with all the stuff parents hate when the kids get into. They played with the flour sifting and measuring it. Then packed brown sugar into cups and made castles, and looked for the beans in the corn meal.
The kids really thought it was pretty fun to pretend to be a band recording a album. Bella wasnt much for a instrument she wanted to be the lead singer and dance her heart out. They really do watch there every move on the video screen, what kid doesnt like looking at themselves in a screen.
over all it was a blast to have the cousins all together exploring and learning about animals and how things work. Bella came home with toto dorthy's dog from the wizard of oz.She has carried it around everywhere we go now. Best dog ever and the greatest thing no mess and cost of feeding it.


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