It Is What It Is

Saturday we went to a little girl's birthday party that i didn't even know. Her name is also Bella wow talk about confusing. Her mom is Scott's spin class teacher and Bella's play friend at the gym. It was so nice and relax and fun we were there for almost 4 hours. Then it was off to find me a dress for my cousin Quinn's wedding.Went to kohls and was able to check that off the list. Then it was off to home to find me a cheap car in my price range. Scott said the trick is to refresh every 30 min. to find all the good ones, so i did and ever 30 min. my little heart sank lower and lower with disappointment. Wow am i going to be driving a car with missing mirrors,seats that need covers just to hold the seat together, a whole pack of air fresheners just to contain the smell of fast food stuck in every crevice, and a car that blows smoke out of every rust hole, that back fires and has to be restarted after every light. That will be my pride and joy! Seriously how much can a girl take she has seen the full spectrum and feels like she all she keeps getting handed to her is a platter full of frustration. i would love not having to have a car and just ride my bike to work, but lets be realistic i cant carry my cleaning partner on my back with two vacuums and my cleaning supplies. MMM that would be a sight to see, Nah better night try that! It is what it is.

My new ride, you like?


  1. They say a good laugh adds years to your life, thanks for the added years


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